Relationships Matter – True Transformation



The OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry) would have Us Believe:

♡ We Live In A Hologram
♡ Our Life Is An Illusion
♡ All We Have To Do is Direct The Movie That Is Our Life

…having Unrealistically Raised The Expectations & Senses of Entitlement in The Weak & Vulnerable of Us The OSI Gleefully Takes Our Money, Addictively Accepts Our Adulation & Passes On Very Little Practical 3D Advice; if We Dare suggest different Points Of View We Are Fobbed Off as Non-Spiritual Trouble Makers…ALL is Energy, Constantly Created, Never Destroyed, Only Ever Transformed via Desconstructive & Reconstructive Processes; The Main Types of Energy can be Summed Up in this British aide memoire, ‘Most Kids Hate Learning GCSE Energy Names’ (source –

♡ Magnetic
♡ Kinetic
♡ Heat
♡ Light
♡ Gravitational Potential
♡ Chemical
♡ Sound
♡ Electrical
♡ Electrical Potential
♡ Nuclear

…my take on ‘Holograms’ & ‘Illusion’ is that We Are in a 3D DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence) Environment with Access to an Infinite Number of Other Dimensions; Our bodies are:

♡ Physical Energy=Body
♡ Electrical Energy=Mind
♡ Astral Energy=Soul

…when Our Body dies Our Body quite rapidly Starts Decomposing or Our Body is Cremated; either way Our Physical Energy has now Transformed in to SomeThing Else…so I reckon The OSI is, As Ever, Delivering Muddied, Mixed, Muddled Messages due to Unadmitted, Unacknowledged, Unaddressed MMHI (Multiple Mental Issues) such as Deity Complex; instead of the words ‘Hologram’ & ‘Illusion’ I prefer to THINK!!! of My Life as, what I Believe is, the 3D Reality of:

♡ Intention
♡ Alchemy
♡ Manifestation

…gotta lurrrv the Benevolence of the Wonderful Witches, Warlocks & Wizards among us; Powerful Benevolence We can ALL Aspire to from a Place of Love and a Desire to Quietly & Gently Innovate & Co-Create…


About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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