Relationships Matter – Spiritual Sex



(Note: For The Purposes of this Post, in Addition to the Acceptance of the Penis by the Vagina, “COPULATING” Refers to ALL Other Forms of Sexual Activities I Refer to as ‘3DPHYSICAL+4DAURATIC INTIMATE INTEGRATION’ Such as Kissing with Tongues, Digital Insertion, Oral Sex et al)

We EXPECT a Fragrant Sexy Scent & We Are GREETED with:

♡ An Inoffensive Odour – “Wow that turns me on!!!”
♡ An Offensive Odour – “Ewww!!! You Smell!!! You’re Smelly!!!”
♡ Our Welcome To The REALITY of Smelly Sex as opposed to The Parentally Patriachal Illusion of Fragant, Delicate Flower Sex

My Experience is that The Vast Majority Of Us Lie To OurSelves about Sexual Aftermath; We Are Unable or Unwilling to Align Our:

♡ Thoughts About Sex
♡ Feelings About Sex
♡ Expressions Of Sex

…We Are In Denial & Confused; so What Do We Do About It? The French describe Sexual Orgasm as Le/La Petit/e Mort (The French Masculine & Feminine versions of The English for ‘The Little Death’)…some of Us say this means We Die A Little Inside everytime we Sexually Orgasm and We Consciously or Unconsciously Stop OurSelves From Sexually Orgasming; I believe Sexual Orgasm is about Death & Re-Birth, I’ve NEVER run out of Semen…it’s ALWAYS Replenished, Renewed & Restored; My Semen has Turned Pink due to Over Vigorous Handling aka Pounding Pussies & Tight Grip Hand Jobs resulting in some Internal Bleeding of My Primary Sexual Organs, OUCH!!! …

The Three Primary Functions Of Sex
♡ Perfunctory, Obligatory, Technical, Mechanical Bonding
♡ Reproduction Of The Species
♡ Energy Exchange; 3DRemote, 3DLocal and/or 4DRemote

The Three Secondary Functions Of Sex
♡ Pure Pleasure
♡ Submission/Domination
♡ Regression To Vulnerable Childlike States

The Three Tertiary Functions Of Sex
♡ Relaxation – Release Of Sexual Tension
♡ Rest, Refreshment & Restoration – ‘La Petite Mort/Le Petit Mort’ much like Our 4DSleepState
♡ Letting Go of Patriachal, Parentally Imposed MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) – Impositions from Upbringing that have created Unnecessary Sexual Inhibitions & Admonitions

…The Couple who Constantly Copulate Stay Together; so I suggest that We CHOOSE Our Copulation Company Carefully Peeps, it is Our CHOICE after ALL?…




About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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