Relationships Matter – MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)



I have NO DOUBT that this post will Receive THE SILENT TREATMENT from Our Normally Very Talkative Now Strangely Silent SuperSoulSisters; Facebook Friend Kai MCsquare has described Girls thus:

♡ “most women are a bunch of vile malevolent cunts
Unlike · 1 · Delete · 28/05/2014 at 22:05
Kai MCsquare
im sorry for being so negative but im starting to think that its true”

…He’s NOT the ONLY Boy To Be THINKING this, so what is it that has Boys THINKING like this about Girls? I THINK it’s Girly Psychological Bullying, Cognitive Dissonance, to Get Boys ‘Behaving Appropriately; Like REAL MEN’, Bullying that could be Eliminated by Mothers who NEED to STOP COMPETING with Their DAUGHTERS; I BELIEVE that if You Girls THINK That You Do TOO MUCH:

♡ Helping
♡ Trusting
♡ Giving
♡ Loving
♡ You DESERVE to Hurt ‘cos You Are A Selfish Cunt of A Girl LACKING A Good Heart; Sooo EveryOne…
♡ What Do You THINK; What Is Your CRITICAL ANALYSIS of My Hypothesis?…




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