Relationships Matter – Spiritual Sex



My Truth is that The Majority of Us have a Distorted View of what LOVE means in Our Sexual/Romantic Relationships; My View is that where A Couple has a Clear View of what LOVE means in Their Sexual/Romantic Relationship” They couldn’t give a Flying Fuck what Their Partner does ‘cos They:

♡ See Each Other Clearly
♡ Are Totally Honest With Each Other
♡ NEVER Go To Sleep Not Speaking to Each Other

…They always Reassure Each Other With Words such as:

♡ “I’m angry; but I’m NOT angry with you.”
♡ “I am sad; but I’m NOT sad about us.”
♡ “I’m NOT ignoring you; I’m quiet because I’m thinking.”

…The Clear Couple Avoid:

♡ ABSOLUTES like “ALWAYS you disappoint me!!!”
♡ THREATS like “I’ll LEAVE you!!! You know I will.”
♡ ULTIMATUMS like “If you don’t do this then NO SEX or MONEY for you.”

…so is LOVE enough? My View is that LOVE IS ENOUGH and it begins with Learning How to LOVE OURSELVES All Over Again; ‘cos if We LOVE OURSELVES We can’t help but LOVE others No Matter how badly We Percieve they are Treating Us and We Model to them what it means to Treat Others with LOVE, KINDNESS & COMPASSION…

♡ A Clear View of LOVE in Our Sexual/Romantic Relationships is that LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL
♡ A Distorted View of LOVE in Our Sexual/Romantic Relationships is that LOVE is CONDITIONAL UPON [INSERT ANY ONE OR MORE OF MANY MEANINGLESS DEMANDS]
♡ It’s Our CHOICE Peeps; We CHOOSE

…I Do NOT Believe that Our Romantic/Sexual Relationships with Our Life Partners are about Keeping Each Other HAPPY, My Experience has Me THINKING it’s Quite The Opposite; Our Sexual/Romantic Relationship IS about Accurately Identifying What is Getting Either of Us:

♡ Angry/Raging
♡ Indifferent/Ignoring
♡ Miserable/Depressed

…and then Eliminating THOSE NEGATIVE NASTIES from Our Sexual/Romantic Relationship so that Our Happiness is then Simply Unearthed; Our Happiness has often Been Buried by Our Upbringing, This Message from Me to You ALL is One of The Many Keys to Unearthing Our Long Buried Happiness:

♡ I suggest using ‘I’, ‘Me’ & ‘MySelf instead of ‘You’ when conversing with OurSelves or Others?

…I Believe that Sex IS The Romantic Relationship NOT A Consequence Of The Sexual/Romantic Relationship; If Sex With Our Sexual/Romantic Partner Is NOT:

♡ Completely Consensual
♡ Eagerly Enthusiastic
♡ Wildly Willing

…Then We Do NOT Have A Sexual/Romantic Relationship With Them How Ever Many Other ‘Romantic Relationship Boxes’ Have Been Ticked; At Best We Are Having Obligatory, Perfunctory, Technical Sex With A Soul Sibling or Economic Partner Rather Than With Our Spiritual Spouse, Our One True Love, and it is this:

♡ Fake
♡ Fraudulent
♡ False

…Shadow of Spiritual Sex that is the Sole Reason For One-Off Sexual Infidelity & Sexual/Emotional Affairs…




About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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