Relationships Matter – Love



Having Stuffed Up on Identifying My Spiritual Spouse on Numerous Romantic & Sexual Occasions I have decided that Psychological & Spiritual Synchronocity is The Key and Traditional Dating, Magazine & Media and Friends Advice can be Worse Than Fucking Useless; now I Trust MySelf and I KNOW that My Spiritual Spouse DOES NOT:

♡ ‘Cease ALL Communication’ With Me; Only To Find Excuses To Talk To Me
♡ Lie To ‘Keep The Peace’; Especially Lying To HerSelf
♡ CHOOSE to Respond & React by CHOOSING to Hurt & Harm Me when I Dare To Disobey & Defy Her; Why would AnyOne Do that to SomeOne they Claim to Care about?

…My Spiritual Spouse DOES:

♡ Authentically Continously Communicate With Me; How Ever Difficult Discourse Becomes
♡ Rely On Me To Point Out Where She Might Improve, Rather than Relying On Me To Make Her Happy; A Reliance I Happily Reciprocate
♡ Sticks With Me No Matter What; and I With Her

…My Spiritual Spouse Abhors:

♡ Absloutes
♡ Threats
♡ Ultimatums

…She Is Extraordinarily Special & Precious To Me and Has NO FEAR of Competition from Her Fellow Goddess SuperSoulSisters ‘cos She Sees Me So Clearly; I have Yet to meet Her…




About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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