Relationships Matter – OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry)


The OSI (Organised Spirituality Industry) would have Us believe that We NEED to Pay Them Ridiculous Sums of Money to Learn & Understand what We ALREADY Know; ‘The Veil’ is a Recurring Theme with The OSI…My Truth is that Our Lives Are A Load Of Infinitely Increasing Life Dots representing Our Life Events; when SomeThing Traumatic Occurs FOR Us We will often place a ‘Veil’ over The Line that Connects Our Present Dot to Our Past Traumatic Dot aka:

♡ Repression
♡ Denial
♡ Supression

…this means We Are Unable to Process WHY!!! this Traumatic Event Happened FOR Us and We Get Stuck, Viewing Our Lives as a Collection of Unconnected, Isolated Dots that We Have ‘Moved On’ From; For Me ‘Lifting The Veil’ means Removing The Denying Veils I placed on The Lines that Connect The Dots Of My Life then Confronting & Processing My Trauma to Learn What The Life Lesson FOR Me Was…that’s why I Am Still Here in 3D DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence); I CHOSE to Resist The Temptation of Taking The Easy Path Home aka Suicide…



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