Relationships Matter – Ego


The OSI (Organised Spiritual Industry) would have Us Believe Our ONLY Problem is Our Ego and We Should ALL Be One; this Begs The Question:

♡ One With Whom?

…I Believe in the Importance of Self; Without Ego there Can Be No Self, Only Controlled Collectives like Corporations & Government…I’m A Huge Advocate Of Chaotic Collectives; Chaotic Collectives Are At The Heart Of ALL Innovation & Co-Creativity…The Community in the 1965 movie ‘Alphaville’ is described in this wiki, thus:

♡ “The concept of the individual self has been lost to the collectivized citizens of Alphaville.”

…’1984′ by George Orwell explores the concept of a ‘reprogramming space’ known as:

♡ “Room 101”

… Denying Ego is The ONLY Reason for Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues); The Key To Recovery For Me Has Been:

♡ Management Of My Ego
Rather Than
♡ Protection Of My Ego
♡ Impossible OSI Encouraged Endeavours To Eliminate My Ego



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