Relationships Matter – Sex


Sex has Us at Our Most Vulnerable, Regressing Us to Childhood; Sex is also a Potential Path to The Most Initimate Connection We Can Have with Another Person and a Temporary Return Home…The French call an orgasm ‘La Petite Mort’ (The Little Death); if We view Sleep & Trance States as forms of Temporary Death then We Are Able To See Similarities in transitioning between 3D DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence) States & 4D A&A (Awakening & Ascension) States…I have often found the 3D/4D Transition of My Sexual Partners & I an Incredibly Intense, Potentially Transformational, Experience; I have many Sexual Exes with whom I have had Great Sex and now, Sadly, We no longer Communicate ‘cos She Insists on “NO CONTACT OR COMMUNICATION!!! EVER!!!”…Many Female Friends have told me that what they Miss Most about Their Ex is Sex (Sex With The Ex? WTF is With That?); I put this Sorry State Of Affairs down to:

♡ ‘We Realised We Were Soul Siblings, Sexually Compatible but Soulfully Incestuous, so Our Sex Life Dried Up.’
♡ ‘Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) Reared Their Ugly Heads & We Didn’t Know How To Handle Them.’
♡ ‘We Had Initially Got Together Because Of 3D DMEE Loneliness Then Found Out We Were Sexually Incompatible.’

…once We Admit, Acknowledge & Address Our MMHI we Rediscover Our Contentment & Comfort with Solo Sex; We can then Comfortably Wait for Our Spiritual Spouse without Confusing Our Sexual Auras and it goes without saying that:

♡ There’s No Harm In Rooting (Shagging, Bonking, Screwing, Fornicating et al) SuperSoulSiblings aka FWB (Friends With Benefits), BB (Bonking Buddies), SSS (Shagging/Screwing Soul Siblings), FF (Fornicating Friends) while waiting for Our Spiritual Spouse to Get Their Head Out Of Their Arse (Ass) & Turn Up To The Party That Is ‘Just The Two Of Us’



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