Relationships Matter – MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)



My Understanding is that there are Three Aspects to Our 3D DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence):

♡ Body – Physical; Loud & Durable
♡ Mind – Psychological; Alert & Agile
♡ Soul – Astral; Quiet & Wise

…We Are At Joyful Peace when Our Communication Channels amongst these Three Aspects of Our 3D DMEE Are Crystal Clear; MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) Corrupt this Communication and, in Extreme Cases e.g. Psychopathic Behaviour, Our Soul loses ALL Communication with Our Mind & Body…Our Dreams Are A Key Indictor of How Well Our Three Aspects are Communicating With Each Other; I believe that when We Go To Sleep We transition from Our Waking 3D State to Our Sleeping 4D State and when We Wake Up we transition Back to Our Waking 3D State hence Our Feelings of Sadness, Longing & Regret on Waking Up, especially if We have been having a Really Pleasant Dream…if We find We are Consistently having Unpleasant Dreams, such as Nightmares & Night Terrors, I believe this indicates a Major Problem with the Communication Channels of Our Three Aspects; this Sleeping 4D State Dis-Ease is accompanied by Waking 3D State Psychological & Physical Dis-Ease, Ill Health & Other Ailments…Unadmitted, Unacknowledged & Unaddressed MMHI manifest themselves in Our Minds & Bodies as Our Psychological & Physical Dis-Eases & Other Ill Health; if We Are to Restore Our Mind, Body & Soul to Optimal Communication We NEED to Cleanse OurSelves of The Corruption of Our Upbringing by Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing Our MMHI…



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