Relationships Matter – Ego



♡ Service To Self?
♡ Service To Others?

…I CHOOSE Service To Others However Difficult Discourse May Become…

I Prefer Satisfying My Ego by:

♡ Serving & Crediting
♡ Hurting & Punishing
♡ We CHOOSE Peeps

My View is that Our Ego is Inseparable During Our DMEE (Dense Matter Energy Existence)…so to Endeavour To Detach From Our Ego is, in My Opinion, an Exercise In Futility, “Chasing The Wind” (King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 2, 11 and I’m NOT Even Remotely Religious); I CHOOSE to Manage My Ego rather than Protect My Ego…I believe The Now Is To Be:

♡ Endured When It NEEDS To Be Endured
♡ Enjoyed When THERE To Be Enjoyed
♡ Influenced By The THEN where Lessons Learned, Options Or Potential For Innovation & Co-Creation Reside

…We Are Perfectly Capable of Detaching From Events & People by Managing Our Ego; Some Time Ago I was A Guest Of The Police, Being Incarcerated Overnight for Being Drunk In Public…I had many bruises that have ALL healed; My Ego No Longer has ANY Concerns about Getting In To Trouble, has Returned to a State of Acceptance and Reverted to Saying:

♡ “I’m CURIOUS!!!”
…rather than…
♡ “I MUST!!!”

…I have found that since CHOOSING to Manage My Ego, rather than Protect My Ego, I have Gained:

♡ Huge Reductions in Conflict & Argument
♡ Massive Increase in My Peace of Mind
♡ Greater Acceptance of Perceived Negativity

…My Belief is that when Our Ego ‘judges’ Another Ego Our Ego is in ‘judgement’ of Itself; so, therefore, I Think we Benefit By Paying Close Attention To OurSelves When We Are In Judgmental Mode, I CHOOSE for My Ego To Endeavour To Ensure that If I Am ‘Telling SomeOne To Wake Up!!!’, I Do So:

♡ Quietly
♡ Clearly
♡ Gently

…Repeating MySelf No More Than Three Times; Inauthentics & Authentics Are Best Off Avoiding Each Other ONLY Communicating via Neutrals in Order To Reach Compromise Rather Than Create & Escalate Conflict…

…Any Questions? …

…the Silence Is Defeaning…



About Yernasia Quorelios

Writer, Philosopher, Pseudo Psyche, Ascension Assistant, WordSmith, Reader
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