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We Normally take Shallow Breaths, just Deep Enough to Keep Us Alive; Deeper Breathing, technically known as Diaphragmatic Breathing, has Many Benefits especially in assisting with On The Spot Management Of MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) such as:

♡ Anxiety/Panic
♡ Depression/Sadness
♡ Anger/Rage

Diaphragmatic Breathing is at the Core Of ALL Forms of Meditation and can be done AnyWhere (in a queue, while walking/sitting/lying down, in the office, at home et al); it’s also The Way We Breath As Babies until Life Gets In The Way…Put Simply these are the Basic Components of Diaphragmatic Breathing:

♡ Breath In Deeply Through Our Nose, Extending Our Stomach (To Make More Room For Our Diaphragm To Do Its Work In Drawing Oxygenated Air In To Our Lungs) Until We Feel Full Of Air
♡ Hold For 3 Seconds
♡ Breath Out Through Our Mouth (Nose Is OK If We Feel Self-Conscious Passing Air Out Of Our Mouths), Pulling In Our Stomach (To Assist Our Diaphragm In Expelling Deoxygenated Air From Our Lungs)

…Repeat As Desired; Other Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing include the Massaging of Our Internal Organs such as Our Stomach & Solar Plexus…the following describes ’12 Position Pressure Point Energy Exercise’ by JanBe Serenity:

“I believe our aura is Our Soul (Astral Energy) entering Our Body (Physical Matter) and Our Mind (Electrical Energy) via Energy Centres which I believe to be Our Pressure Points. This explains to me why Chakras, Massage and even Something as Mundane as Showering leave us feeling Very Energised & Relaxed; Especially when combined with some form of Meditation and/or Affirmation.

I am doing Pressure Point Energy Exercise which could be described as ‘Massaging Our Energy Field’ aka Our Aura/Our Soul; it involves holding one or both hands a few millimetres away from a Pressure Point Position (aka Chakras, Energy Centres et al) then moving the Fingers and Thumbs in a ‘Talking’ Action for 10 seconds in each of the 12 positions.

The 12 positions are:

♡ 2 hands at the Crown
♡ 1 hand at each Temple
♡ 2 at the Brow
♡ 1 each at the Jaw just below the Ears
♡ 2 at the Throat
♡ 1 each at Shoulder
♡ 2 at the Solar Plexus
♡ 2 at the Navel
♡ 2 at the Coccyx
♡ 1 each at the Groin
♡ 1 each behind the Knees
♡ 1 each above the Feet between the Big and Second Toe

This completes a ‘Cycle’, 3 Cycles make a ‘Set’. I endeavour to do 3 Sets a day; when I get up, during the day and before going to bed.

Pressure Point Energy Exercise (PPEE) is essentially relaxing but initial feelings may well be quite emotional as energy blockages are released and unresolved issues dealt with by the now freely flowing energy.

I recommend pausing between each cycle to focus on how you want to feel and what you want in your life; I find keeping my eyes closed while doing PPEE helps me maintain focus.

This is a Direct Result of Avoiding Getting Trained in a Specific Form; Trusting, instead of Repeating Parrot Fashion, My Intuition and Blending Together that which Really Resonates with Me in to Something that Works For Me.

I’ve been doing PPEE for a while now and I find it Very Relaxing. I Continously Thank Those, and There Are Many More Complex Forms that Have The SAME RESULT, Who Introduced Me to this Wonderfully Simple Method of Clearing Our Energy Channels.”


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