Relationships Matter – Sex…Probably Rated PG-18…

…I need to have a think about this before I publish; so please be patient…

‘kay, first thing (and not the last) is that most people I have met have serious, very serious, hangups about sex. I have yet to meet a women (actually, even a man…though I have to add I am not gay in the sexual sense…no denial going on there!…I am gay in the happy sense) who can manage their oxytocin levels as effectively as I can. By which I mean FWBs or to give it the full name ‘Friends With Benefits’…more will follow…

One night stands/casual sex/FWBs (Friends With Benefits)?…Do I believe sex can happen without emotion?…No I do not…I do believe that we can choose how to react to the emotions that respond to casual sexual contact.

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