Relationships Matter

Welcome to Yernasia’s Relationships Matter Blog which partners our soon to be published book called Relationship Matters.

Relationship…for most of us the narrow definition of this word is romance and represents the bonds we make and break as we seek for that special one. Go into any bookshop in the Western world and you’ll find whole sections devoted to ‘the relationship’; how to find one, how to keep one, how to get over one that has not worked. We all know at some level that relationships are so much more than this – our initial parent-child, our siblings and other family, our friends, our work colleagues, our social acquaintances, our own child-parent etc.

The Age of Pisces with its emphasis on faith and religion has ended or is now drawing to an end; the Age of Aquarius with the emphasis shifting to knowledge and science has started or is now about to start. Our relationships over the last 2000 years have indeed been heavily influenced by religion with the institute of marriage, monogamy and the nuclear family. The latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st have seen a shift from relationships shaped by religion to relationships based on knowledge and science. (part sourced from It is almost as if relationships have replaced religion as the ultimate source of meaning and fulfillment in our lives. Instead of a search for God or some sort of higher meaning in our lives through a political and/or philosophical approach such as socialism or philanthropy, we are looking to our diverse relationships. We may have a fantastic lover who doesn’t like conversation; so we establish a close friendship with someone who does like conversation. We may find ourselves in a carer role and be with a partner that does not have the ability to provide the support we need; so we establish a close friendship with someone who will provide that support.

In previous times and in other cultures much of what people found meaningful in life is provided through spiritual beliefs as well as religious, politics and so forth. The basic premise of the book is about having good relationships with everybody – especially with yourself – which necessarily, amongst other things, includes a healthy spiritual life. Furthermore the field of mental health has given us a great deal of understanding regarding the emotional, intellectual and indeed physical impacts of relationships on all of us.

There is a lot of commonality; particularly about treating others well, in the fields of religion, spirituality, humanitarianism and mental health. Through a fusion of all that is good in these fields we hope to provide you with a modern, practical, scientific approach to initiating, establishing, nurturing, surviving and terminating relationships whatever type they may be.

The book will be structured so that you may dip in and out of it and do not necessarily have to read it cover to cover. The first section, ‘Growing Up’, will deal with the relationships we encounter as we grow up and the chapters are broadly aligned with the following age groups 0-3, 3-5, 5-13, 13-19, The second section, ‘Adulthood’ will deal with the relationships we encounter as adults and, where appropriate, reference back to ‘Growing Up’ to endeavour to explain certain behaviours or issues. Each chapter will be structured the same way; the TOPIC NARRATIVE, REAL LIFE EXAMPLES, POINTS FOR ACTION then FURTHER READING.

This Blog will wander back and forth dealing with whatever aspects of relationship matters are currently on Yernasia’s mind. We hope that you will find something in here for you.

Stay strong and serene.

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